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Thermostat Settings During The Summer Months

When you are at home and awake, keep your house at approximately 75° F. When you are away from your house for two or more hours you should bump the temperature up to approximately 79° F. When you are sleeping it should be set to approximately 75° F. If you aren’t comfortable at 75° F, lower the temperature a degree at a time.

A programmable thermostat is ideal for setting temperatures to match your schedule. With a manual thermostat you have to remember to adjust the temperature every time you leave the house. A pre-programmed thermostat lets you adjust temperature settings for when you are awake, asleep, or away. You can also set returning temperatures to desired levels, ensuring your interior is at a comfortable temperature when you step inside.

Photo compliments of Honeywell

To maximize cooling in your home:

  • Use a dehumidifier

  • Make sure windows and doors are sealed with caulk and weatherstripping

  • Use window treatments to block heat and sun

  • Install ceiling fans

  • Limit the use of heat generating appliances during the day

  • Use ventilation fans when bathing, showering and cooking

  • Install cooler more efficient lighting

  • schedule regular maintenance to keep your cooling system running efficiently.

  • Replace old heating & cooling units with new energy-efficient models

We hope you will find these recommendations helpful for keeping your house comfortable and utility costs down.

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